Greed and Envy

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It’s frighteningly interesting, that apocalyptic global warming is announcing the end of the earth and of all her living creatures. It has also been cited over and over again that the doings of human beings are the cause of it all.

This information has been available to us for the past fifty years or so. Nowadays, tangible signs of such eventualities are all around us in ever increasing leaps and bounds. These cataclysmic circumstances are strangely enough presented as sort of a sidelight on the news, along with opposing opinions that try to cast doubt on the effects of global warming even though we are incessantly experiencing them.

To add to this ambivalent mess, these arguments against the realities of global warming are presented at the same time that we are living with wild, grotesque, unprecedented climactic tragedies that go hand in hand with world-wide, out-of-control mental aberrations in every area of life.

Apparently however, to almost no one’s amazement, these facts that are heralding the end of the world, don’t seem to be able to make a dent in what by all indications is a global neurotic commitment to greed and envy.

Our leaders insist on getting “MORE.” (More roads, more industries, bigger ports; greater sterile, money-making schemes; more extortion (taxes), more planet destruction, more violence, more war…). They insist on this in spite of the fact that the famous “MORE” philosophy has never and will never produce a happier, healthier life.

What doesn’t surprise me is that no amount of reasoning is capable of penetrating this hysterical quest for “MORE.” (Neurosis doesn’t respond to common sense, to struggling, or even to force.)

“MORE” by the way doesn’t include abundance as one of its goals. The fact is that “MORE” produces scarcities which develop into “MORE” greed and envy.

In order to go get “MORE” at any cost we are obligated to produce any old thing that brings in money. That includes a whole gamut of goods and services that we don’t need including drug trafficking and other “criminalized” activities designed to do away with life. Without doubt, the “MORE” dictum and the enforcement of it, helps to produce the market for drug use and criminality in general. As a consequence, this kind of “MORE” always produces LESS.

Although apparently the “MORE” system makes some kind of “sense” to a good many people, none of it makes sense to me. The one way street nature of it all obliges us to live a life bereft of wisdom. It clearly doesn’t matter to the “clunko get dollars system” that there is no space in it for a reasonable understanding of human beings. As a matter of fact it has become practically impossible to even bring up the subject of what people are all about. That’s because they have no preparation in understanding themselves. Furthermore, due to their blind sexual adhesion to their neurosis, they abhor the idea of self-understanding. And yet, precisely the disintegrated condition of people is what is producing the insane march toward the demise of everything.

Sure enough, we indeed are permitted to budget for “this” and assign funds for “that,” with great aplomb. We are also allowed to manipulate interest rates, play around with inflation; and struggle to avoid depression etc. etc. All the while however, it’s taboo to acknowledge that we feel depressed. Most of the time feeling anything is frowned upon. That leaves us with a pitiful alternative: Instead of being in touch with your feelings… FAKE THEM.

What’s really going on? The thing is that greed and envy are UNCONSCIOUS, deviant, psychological conditions. (Be careful! Mental illness is catching!) Clearly, the world is caught up in a self-defeating orgy of greed and envy, UNCONSCIOUSLY controlled by wayward, infantile passions. (Read, WE’RE HAVING SEX RIGHT NOW! by the author of this article.)

Now we’ve come to the nitty-gritty of the matter. To explain:

The passions stored in the UNCONSCIOUS mind are what really and truly run the show! The problem is that UNCONSCIOUS not only means—out of conscious awareness—but that there is a strong force in human beings that keeps those passions from being consciously perceived. Those inhibited, yet energetic sexual passions are not permitted free expression by the persons that harbor them. They stay imprisoned inside people who SUBCONSCIOUSLY think their passions are personally and socially unacceptable. No doubt the restrictions and self-deceit described here are helped to work their way into a person’s life by parents, teachers, and society in general. That’s because the decisions that repress and deny those sexual passions are mostly made during the earliest years of life when we’re tender and vulnerable. As such, people assume that their true sexual passions can’t be remembered or expressed. Better described, people don’t want to remember or express them.

Humans are sexual beings. Hence, everything in their lives is developed, processed and executed sexually.

In that these innumerable sexual energies are bottled up in the UNCONSCIOUS, people still think that it’s O.K. to leave them alone, not understand them, humiliate them, “forget” about them, remain ignorant of them and use other tactics to make believe they aren’t there and “don’t count.” Nonetheless they are there, and if left to their own perverse devices they will continue to lead us to ever- increasing devastation.

Greed and Envy are not even recognized for what they are. They are manifestations (symptoms) of deep-seated psychological disorder. People are so swept up in compensating for their “secret” sexual commitment to rejection and suffering that they can’t calm down even for a minute. They hysterically invest more and more in superficial schemes that do not produce a nit of satisfaction. Yet they greedily push on, insisting that some kind of “MORE” will fill up their unfillable emptiness.

Greed and Envy are infantile brain energies that function without the integrated ‘say so’ of the total organism. Like a cancer, they consume the host person, blotting out any hope for reasonable fulfilling experience and expression. All of this suicidal activity (and that means let’s say 90% of all activity) is a tedious lie designed to ward off the fixations, fears, and even inhibited physical postures acquired in infancy.

All of this defies and betrays the laws of nature, and as the saying goes, “Ignorance of the law is no excuse.” Punishment is automatically meted out. As long as the root of the problem is ignored and even pooh-poohed (out of consciousness and fearfully ridiculed) we cannot reasonably hope for anything more than a constant increase in god-awful disasters. The root of the problem is in the mal-formation of the UNCONSCIOUS MIND of people. Real change for the better can only be achieved by bringing these deviant, UNCONSCIOUS passions to the conscious mind.

Is there anyone out there who wants to attack this real cause of the dangers to our existence announced every day with diabolical pomp and circumstance? Is there anyone out there that dares to start with carefully and correctly taking a look at themselves?


Dr. William E. Paer Fairmont Clinical Psychologist

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