HOW CAN IT BE…That People In This World Do Harm To Children?

Feb 27, 2014 by

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Recently twenty-eight people were murdered in Newtown, Connecticut. More than three months have passed and the only reaction seems to be governmental gestures toward arms control and promises to “some day” implement suggestions from anyone who offers them.

Some few of us here in Costa Rica are disturbed for two reasons:

One: Repressive measures (like a prohibition arms control) traditionally inflame the evil they pretend to eliminate and…

Two: While it seems like no other approach to doing away with humans mutilating and killing other humans has as yet been published; we have a well-researched innovative, never before explored strategy that has not been heard as yet, and indications are that it will be avoided in Newtown. Why? Possibly because we have lived so long with no way of intervening in our man against man panorama that it may be too much a part of us to really want to change or to have the capacity to change.

Some years ago, my father, Dr. William E. P. Fairmont, wrote a song of indignation and protest when the first shocking waves of child abuse reached public awareness here in Costa Rica. After years of effusive appreciation toward children for all to behold, as a first step toward not ever forgetting the Newtown tragedy, we have decided to devote that song to the memory of those who died. We are in the process of producing a remake with present-day Costa Rican talent in the hopes that this passionate musical outcry will have an impact on the suffering of children and everyone all over the world.

With heartfelt sympathy to those stricken by the Newtown horror and worldwide atrocities that go on every day, we hereby dedicate these original versions of HOW CAN IT BE and COMO PUEDE SER to the memory of the Newtown dead—to their survivors and all of us around the world.

Accompanied by members of the Costa Rican National Symphony Orchestra, here is Dr. William Paer Fairmont’s musical offering.

P.S.: As the Newtown incident story unfolds, considerable doubt has been cast on its integrity. As far as we know, Newtown has not responded in defense of the accusations that are designed to undermine the context, purposes, and impact of what allegedly happened. Certainly it would be good if Newtown and all concerned authorities would relieve us all of reasonable doubt regarding such an atrocious massacre of mostly children.

Whether or not the Newtown massacre occurred as initially reported doesn’t detract from the suggestion of horror that it represents. Similar events are occurring all over the world practically every day (Syria, U.S.A., Afghanistan etc.).

The frustration, anguish and desperateness expressed in our song is directed toward any and all violent assaults against defenseless children all over the world.

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