Dr. William E.P. Fairmont at Everglades University

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Dr. William E. P. Fairmont, Clinical Psychologist, author of We’re Having Sex Right Now! and The Lollypop Factor; speaks for a group of alternative medicine students at Everglades Universtiy in Orlando, Florida.. Great talk! Watch till the end for the big finish!

HOW CAN IT BE…That People In This World Do Harm To Children?

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In 1987 my father, Dr. William E. Paer; aka: Dr. William E. P. Fairmont; became terribly alarmed by the rising incidence of mistreatment of children in Costa Rica. One day he said: “I have to do something about this!” He closed himself in his room and worked for about three days. He said he didn’t know where this impulse was coming from, but he was inspired and had to finish. The song, HOW CAN IT BE… That People In This World Do Harm To Children, was the result of what he described as divine inspiration.

In December, 2012, when the Newtown tragedy occurred, I told my dad that we should do everything possible to make people aware of the powerful message in this song, so he decided to dedicate it to those who were murdered that day and to all the defenseless children who are violently assaulted every day, all over the world.

We are now in the process of doing a remake of this song with current Costa Rican talent in both English and Spanish.

See total explanation:

Music and Lyrics: Dr. William E. Paer, aka Dr. William E. P. Fairmont
Chorus: Gaviota Musical Group
Musical Arrangement and Orquestra Director: Carlos Guzmán
Musical Backing played by musicians who were members of the National Symphony Orquestra and the Juvenile National Symphony Orquestra of Costa Rica in 1987