¡Y Diay! Show

Dr. Fairmont and his book¡Y Diay!

(This is a Costa Rican slang word. Its meaning changes, depending on the circumstance. It could be used as a way of expressing exclamatory excitement and in tragic circumstances it’s like saying “Well… life goes on.”)

After fourteen years of being on Costa Rican national TV, ¡Y DIAY! keeps stimulating and surprising its television audience. Dr. William E. Paer Fairmont, host and creator of ¡Y DIAY!, discusses themes in such an original manner that you can’t help but get interested. Each program offers a new and refreshing way of looking at life. It’s the only talk show of its kind.
Music, comedy, guests interviewed in Dr. Paer’s incisive style, group discussions, debates, special internationally flavored reports, programs taped abroad… to sum it up, an hour of surprises that leaves you thinking.



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Y Diay Show